17 th Annual Scientific Meeting Of Indonesian Society Of Neurological Surgeons (PIT XVI PERSPEBSI)

Tempat : JW Mariot Hotel, Medan, Nort Sumatera
Waktu : 26 November 2012 s/d 29 November 2012
Tingkat : nasional
Pembicara : -
Penyelenggara : Departemen Bedah Saraf FK USU
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Dear all PERSPEBSI members,

Here with I would like to inform you all that Annual Scientific Meeting of The Indonesian Society Of Neurogical Surgeons (PIT PERSPEBSI) is confirmed to be held from 26 Nov to 29 Nov 2012 in Medan, Nort Sumatera. Medan will host our annual meeting as decided during PERSPEBSI meeting in Bandung last year . With this announcement, I encourge All the PERSPEBSI members to give the outmost support the success of this important meeting. Looking forward to meeting you all in Medan soon.

Sincerely regrads,


Setyo Widi Nugroho, MD
President of The Indonesian Society Of Neurogical Surgeons (PERSPEBSI) 

Dear colleagues and friends,
It is truly an honor for us to invite you all to visit Medan accordance to the Annual Scientific Meeting of The Indonesian Society of Neurological Surgeons (PIT PERSPEBSI) that will be held from 26 Nov - 29 Nov 2012. We plan to held two dyars workshop on 26 - 27 Nov 2012 that will be conducted in Adam Malik Hostpital and continue with two days simposia adn exhibition, 28 - 29 Nov 2012 at JW Marriot Hotel, Medan. Aside from the scientific session, the panoramic beauty adn various culinary options of Nort Sumatra awaits you and your family. So please book the date and we will keep you update on the meeting progress.

Warmest regrads from Medan

Prof. Iskandar Japardi, MD
Secretray General

Secretariat :

Departement Bedah Saraf
FK Univ. Sumatera Utara, RSUP H. Adam Malik, Medan.
Jl. Bunga Lau No. 17, Medan, Sumatera Utara
Phone/Fax : +62 61 8369114 / 8369853
Emai : pitperspebsi2012@pharma-pro.com
MCO, A Division of PT. Pharma-Pro International
Komplek Perkantoran Duta Merlin Blok C-35
Jl. Gajah Mada 3-5, Jakarta 10130
Phone : +62 21 63865902, Fax : +62 21 63865902, +62 21 63865905


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