The Collegiums of Indonesian Neurosurgery (COIN) or Kolegium Bedah Syaraf Indonesia (KBSI ) is an agency structurally established by the Indonesian Neurosurgery Society (Perhimpunan Bedah Syaraf Indonesia ( PERSPEBSI ), reports directly to the National Congress of the PERSPEBSI. Functionally, it is under the MKKI (Majelis Kolegium Kedokteran Indonesia) or the Indonesian Medical Association and directly under the functional coordination of the Indonesian Medical Council ( KKI ). The primary tasks of the KBSI are, among others, as follows:

  • To guide the scientific aspects of Indonesian neurosurgery.
  • To control the entire processes of Indonesian Neurosurgical Specialists educations.
  • To issue certificates of competencies for Indonesian neurosurgical specialists, periodically updated in every five years by evaluating the Participation Credits Units of the P2KB processes attended by the respective Indonesian neurosurgical specialist. The competency certificate is a prerequisite for a neurosurgical specialist to obtain the Registration Letter issued by the Indonesian Medical Council.

Member Of KBSI

  • Prof. RM. Padmosantjojo,dr.,Sp.BS ( Ketua )
  • Endro Basuki Dr.SpBS (Ketua Perspebsi)
  • Prof. Basuki Wirjowidjojo Dr.SpBS
  • Prof. DR. Satyanegara Dr.SpBS
  • Prof. DR. Umar Kasan Dr.SpBS (Ketua SMF)
  • Prof. Sayid Darmodipura Dr.SpBS.SpS.
  • Prof. DR. Kahdar Wiriadisastra Dr.SpBS (Ketua SMF)
  • Prof. DR. Iskandar Djapardi Dr.Sp.BS
  • Prof. Adril A. Hakim Dr.SpBS.SpS
  • Prof. Abdul Gofar Sastrodiningrat, dr., Sp.BS
  • DR. Hafid Badjamal Dr.SpBS (KPS)
  • Hilman Mahyuddin Dr.SpBS (KPS)
  • Beny Wirjomartani Dr.SpBS (KPS)
  • Daryo Soemitro Dr.SpBS (SPS)
  • Herri Aminuddin Dr.SpBS (SPS)
  • M.Z. Arifin Dr.Sp.BS (SPS)
  • Agus Turchan Dr.SpBS (SPS)
  • DR. P. Sudiharto Dr.SpBS
  • Setyo Widi Dr.SpBS
  • Zainal Muttaqin Dr.SpBS

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